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“A Cancer at the Core of Medicine”

Dr Goldacre classified the research publication methods as “A cancer in the core of medicine.” Your medical doctor is very likely to be misled when it comes to the information about the safety and efficacy of the prescription drugs that they are prescribing on a regular basis.  It doesn’t mean they are a bad doctor, it means they have bad data.  Please watch the short 13 minute video…

Here’s the direct link to the article associated with the video.

…I’ve said this for many years and I’ll continue to drive home this point no matter what names I am called as a result: Published research does not EVER trump what we know about basic human physiology (textbook physiology from sources such as Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology). For example, if you know the biochemical pathway of a drug and how that pathway’s physiology will cause liver damage, but there is a published study in a prominent journal saying that the drug does not cause liver damage, then you have to assume that the study is wrong because the physiology says otherwise.

Let’s look a little more closely at what Dr Goldacre says about Tamiflu. Tamiflu is supposedly the drug of choice for mediating complications of the influenza virus. Let’s look at the facts. I am getting my facts from the FDA, CDC and DrugAlert (a smartphone application that compiles data from the FDA and CDC on drug facts, interactions & reported incidents). I’m looking at 2008-2009 because that seems to be the year with the most up to date statistics.

  • The CDC reports 133 deaths in 2009 from influenza.
  • In that same year, 796 reports of adverse reactions to Tamiflu were reported including:
    • 129 deaths
    • 41 life threatening
    • 165 hospitalizations
    • 18 disability
    • 1 birth defect
    • Many reports of neuropsychiatric events including: hallucination, insomnia, convulsion, delirium, depression, nightmares, anxiety, agitation & aggression

So what was the solution to the Tamiflu problem? Dr Goldacre rightly suggests that ALL studies need to be published, regardless of outcome.  But here’s what happened with Tamiflu.  You judge whether or not this sounds appropriate:

In 2011, the dosage was lowered from 12mg/ml to 6mg/ml. Do you think this will lower the number of adverse events? I would assume so. You can bet your life that these findings will be published and applauded by the media. However, if you cut the dose in half, what will that do to the efficacy of the drug? We have no idea because there are no studies showing the efficacy of Tamiflu at 1/2 the dose that was originally studied!  BUT, the drugs efficacy WILL continue to be reported at the 12 mg/ml dose even if they are not legally able to give that dose to patients. Do you feel cheated yet?

After all this, what are your options as you go into the flu season this year? Let me make a few suggestions based on known physiology (remember from above) & real statistics from the terrible outbreak of influenza in 1917 & 1918 where we lost many lives to complications from influenza.  I’m going to go ahead and link to a few article on the subjects and then highlight some interesting data:

Here are some interesting highlights:

  • Studies show that blood drawn from patients before and after spinal care IMMEDIATELY increases immunoglobulins AND CD4 T-Cells.
  • Spinal care decreases pro-inflammatory mediators (physiologically known to decrease immune function)
  • During the Spanish flu of 1918:
    • For every 10,000 cases of influenza treated medically, there were 950 deaths
    • For every 10,000 cases of influenza treated conservatively (drugless), there were 25 deaths
    • For every 10,000 cases of pneumonia (complication of influenza) treated medically, there were 6,400 deaths. That’s staggering – 64% of people died!
    • For every 10,000 cases of pneumonia treated conservatively, there were 100 deaths. Only 1%!
    • Perhaps the most interesting statistic: In Oklahoma, chiropractors were called in for 233 cases where the medical doctors had given up hope and counted the patient’s lives as lost. The chiropractors saved 208 of those patients.

So, what’s the take home message?  There are a number of things we can do to boost your immune system. At Upward Living Chiropractic Wellness, we believe that the best defense against seasonal flu is to boost your body’s natural immunity.  Nutrition, diet, exercise and spinal care are the best ways to do this. It’s all about prevention! We begin to reboot your body’s physiology from day 1 of your care plan.

As a disclaimer, it’s important to understand that doctors of chiropractic DO NOT treat influenza. We support health. It’s important to stay informed and monitor your symptoms in case you begin to show signs of life threatening complications. The most prominent of these signs would be hallucinations, delirium, convulsions, metal confusion or agitation, perhaps even seizures (associated with an extremely high temperature) or extreme neck pain which can be associated with meningitis (a life threatening infection in the spinal cord). If you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

However, in the case that you feel yourself beginning to get sick, DO NOT cancel your appointment!  Furthermore, if you start to feel sick, DO NOT wait for your appointment! Call me and say, “Doctor, I think I’m getting sick. I need to get my spine checked right now.” I promise we will make every effort to accommodate you.

– Dr Lucas
ULCW (805) 636-9729


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Living Upward – Never Look Back & Never Give Up Hope.


My personal belief is that it is a great crime to take away hope. No matter how dire the situation seems to be. We should be realistic about he seriousness of a situation, but we should never take hope away from a patient. It is often times the only thing they have left after a dire diagnosis.  Check out this article published in the Sarcoma journal in 2008.

This article sites “spontaneous remission” of angiosarcoma of the breast with lung metastasis. It also sites references reporting spontaneous remission of osteosarcoma with lung metastasis and endometrial stromal sarcoma.

Let’s talk a little bit about how spontaneous remission is defined in medical literature. Spontaneous remission DOES NOT mean that the patient did not undergo treatment. The article defines Spontaneous regression (SR) of cancer as “a partial or complete disappearance of a malignant tumour in the absence of medical treatment or in the presence of treatment which is considered to be inadequate to produce a significant influence on tumour regression.”

Rather than focus on the negative aspects of how these semantics can mislead the general public, let’s focus on the positive.  There are many people every day who choose to treat their various diseases conservatively. Does it always work? No, of course not. But there is an underlying philosophy of health that is beautifully articulated by an alternative cancer treatment doctor in Mesa, AZ named Dr. Lodi. He is a medical doctor who has chosen to approach health in a much different way than he was taught in medical school.  Listen for yourself:

At Upward Living Chiropractic Wellness, we promote the off-label benefits of chiropractic care. Your Upward Living doctor will truly care for you as an individual.  When this happens, the effects of the chiropractic adjustment are as far-reaching as the powers that hold together the fabric of the universe.  That is because the same powers that maintain matter in existence are also responsible for the human body’s regenerative processes. That regenerative process is mediated by the nervous system. The primary intention of the Upward Living doctor is to measure, track & restore the higher level functioning of the nervous system.  When approached from this philosophy, chiropractic care suddenly becomes a necessary part of any health care regimen, instead of a simple therapy for back and neck pain.

However, we do take your pain very seriously because we know that your pain is intimately tied to your health. This signal is often pointing to a different problem.  We take the time to figure out where your pain is coming from and we nurture you toward health.  That is the true nature of healthcare.  That is what you can expect at Upward Living Chiropractic Wellness.